what they say...

"His down-to-earth nature, willingness to get dirty, ability to cook a meal inside a campervan or around a campfire – not as easy as it sounds – and versatile approach to sustainable living make a refreshing change from the usual foodie adventure."

Sydney Morning Herald (about One Man and his Campervan)

"Foodie Martin Dorey got 1.6 million viewers - 7.7 per cent audience share - with his campervan exploits."

The Sun (on the first episode of OMAHCV)

"Set to become a modern outdoor classic."

Mail on Sunday (about The Camper Van Cookbook)

"This inspirational handbook tells you how to cope during a weekend spent on four wheels with nothing but a fire and a two ring stove to cook on"

Telegraph Magazine (about The Camper Van Cookbook)

 "Quite simply, this book is destined to reach camper van bible status... Ideal for families, singlies, foodies, festival-goers and outdoor lovers - you'd have to have a screw loose not to love this book."

Adventure Cornwall (about The Camper Van Cookbook)

"This is not just a cookbook, it's a bible for camping."

allaboutyou.com (About The Camper Van Cookbook)

"Utterly Hilarious!!!"